God must think My heart and my countenance is so strong. I FEEL just about everything. That’s why I can see or “KNOW” so much.

Many times it saved lives when people are able to not only hear the message but also do something about it. Thank GOD!

Then there are times when I SEE!

I’ve been told I see what GOD sees and I’m a messenger. I see it how he sees it.

I’m going to share a very real story then tell you about my brother Allen.

This brings me to when my cousin Esther and Sean were visiting.

How he sees it. I guess that’s what a seer is?

I lived in Celebration Florida at the time and we would all go to Disney and Sean HAD to always get those giant carmel apples.

Well one day we were sitting on opposite sofas and I looked at Sean and saw death.

I quickly looked away. I looked back and saw it again.

So as soon as I had the opportunity I asked my cousin, Esther who is my real cousin on my Moms side. I asked her if Sean was feeling ok. She said “yes but his back was hurting so when we get home he’s having an MRI done”

Sadly the MRI showed an aggressive cancer going up his spine. A main vein was actually feeding it.

Esther has 3 kids. The twins were 3 or 4 when Sean passed and Zack was about 12.

I also asked her if she checked the insurance policy and she said yes she checked it. Turns out he purposely dropped it before he died. Nothing like Chemo brain.

NOW, These are times where my knowings are hard fast and furious.

If you ever by me and I give you a message please consider it more than just as if I was telling you. My messages or knowings are from a higher source.

Warnings are just that. It’s about what could be ahead and to make the best choices or changes.

With love and light





When you truly walk with God HE’S GOT YOU! Remember this as you read this story and what happens with the jelly donuts!

I move fast when he speaks and I also move slow when I’m waiting for his tells or signs.

I feel it in the heart where God lives. It’s not a brain power thing. It’s an opening up the heart thing.

I’ll explain. I won’t do something or be pushed into something if I “know” in my heart it’s not right. I’ll wait for

A sign or a tell. Even if people get annoyed. But I’ve learned that a hasty choice will be the wrong choice.

I’ve kicked into full gear many times. These are all based on knowings.

Once I drove up to my sons school which was 4 1/2 away at night all by myself because I “knew” I had to. He said he was trying to study and his room mates were having a party. Something took over. No one would go with me so I just hopped in my car with a few essentials like a change of clothes and tooth paste and tooth brush.

I walked into a drug fest. Giant bongs, jars of pot, the bathroom mirror on the table with cocaine. Alcohol….Kids laying around all drugged up and my son in his room trying to study. Little me had to walk in and something inside took over. I just said Something like “ Get up and take your shit and get out, if you don’t live here get out NOW or I’m calling the police!” The 2 kids that lived there knew me and got up off the floor and sat on the sofa. Sobered up pretty quick!!!!

I made them clean the place up and had them call their parents in front of me. This was a giant drug party. Not just a little pot or drinking here and there.

To this day one of the kids still tells me I probably saved his life. Woke up up.

Another time was when Grant split his spleen open and the hospital missed it and sent him home. If I wasn’t listening and kicking into full gear to bring him back he may never have woken up. And he had no symptoms except his shoulder was bugging him.

Another time was flying out spontaneously to save someone from possible diabetic shock or coma. Sugar over 550.

Another time was getting myself out of the way of a dangerous situation. I had a car pull up behind mine and I “knew” this was NOT a good situation.

As he started opening his door I had no where to drive so I hopped out and ran in the store. Turned out another woman had recently been kidnapped and killed from that exact store not that long ago.

Another time I walked past a machine at a casino. And walked backwards like it was calling me. Stuck $ in and won 2500.00.

Not a lot but it was exactly what a friend needed so I gave it to them.

It’s about tuning in with openness.

God wants you to be raw and real. He wants all of you. Not a facade. He wants your heart like a parent wants their kids to show their true heart and be open, honest, loving and come to them with problems or what they did wrong and ask for how to fix it. Or to be taught how to hear or how to change things.

This is why they say God is the father! He is a Dad that loves his children. Kind and patient.

I think God takes over after you’ve established a real relationship with him and you allow and ask him to step in. It’s not easy. Takes years and surrendering. He knows when your really open to him. Then he powers you up!

When I get my messages or what call “ knowings” I usually give a warning or get a warning first. This is where the outcome can change if people believe and hear it. It IS THE opportunity. We either embrace it or our physical ego side gets in the way. I’m only the messenger but I’ve learned I’d better listen too.

Many start meditating to try and quiet their mind enough to hear. But they don’t realize that it needs to come from the heart. Not the head. It’s about truly opening your heart and giving God all of you. Talking with him openly and vulnerably about the good and the bad. Going over all of your life and asking for help or forgiveness or just saying to God “I’m so sorry. Please God give me guidance and give me strength and be with me. Walk with me. Show me with signs so I cannot miss or misinterpret. them”

I pray often especially when I don’t know what to do for GOD to do for me what I cannot do for myself!

This is powerful when you”re vulnerable and truly take your own ego out of trying to control your life. Like bringing me 2 renters when my house was not for rent. It was only for sale. Nothing was selling. I chose the right renters! A beautiful family. The gift was also when I had no place to really go they just happened to be at their Luther home in a different state. They told me to go stay in my house. That they would also be more comfortable knowing know one would take care of it like me.

It’s happened twice.

I’ve cried many times in my prayers, confessions, learning and pains with God. He’s my safe zone. I’ve also learned that it’s ok to make mistakes and it takes a true spiritual person that is strong to admit it to the world or a person they have hurt that you’re truly sorry you hurt them. You want to make it right.

God gifts this action because he knows you’re sincere and your heart is open. You’re healing someone’s soul where YOU were responsible and marked it. I’ve called people many times and said I want to make this right. I’m so sorry if I …… and whatever it was. I NEVER do anything to hurt some intentionally.

I will protect myself now tho. I’ve learned God doesn’t want me to be a door mat!

I’ve recently HAD to do some work with my Dad. He’s getting ready to leave this earth. I “knew”

I had to bring him his favorite things. Jelly donuts, eclairs, a corned beef sandwich on rye , potato salad and a sour pickle. 😂

God moved mountains to make this happen and from the exact place my Dad and my Aunt ( his sister) loved. I called them as I was driving down.

The kid that took my order told me they would be closed by the time I got there. But he said he would wait for me. I was driving almost 4 hours to do this. The flakowitz restaurant was half way. Then he said the eclairs were sold out and jelly donuts were only on holidays unless it’s a special order of 1 dozen.

So I told him I HAD to get this for my Dad and I’d drive back up an hour and half in the morning. I ordered a dozen of his special jelly filled donuts that reminded him of his childhood. Eclairs corn beef sandwich……and everything else.

The kid said….. listen, I GOT YOU! I don’t go into work until 3. I’ll pick everything up after it’s baked and I’ll drive it and meet you wherever you need. He said he lost his Mom 2 years ago. He understood.

This kid with dreadlocks and beads in his crazy hair met me over half way the next morning off the turnpike. He ended up right behind me when we both got off the exit from different directions. I could see his hair from my rear view mirror and the first words I said was, “Check out your hair!” We laughed over the phone as he followed me to the gas station. He handed me my Dads treasures and said he added some things in for him. We both cried.

What a gift. What a beautiful thing this kid did. God bless him! Tyre from Flakowitz! I have a love in my heart for this dread lock kid!

My Dad was so touched. It opened him.

This gave me the opportunity to talk with him about God and Jesus and settings things straight before he goes.

Love goes a long way. It’s all from the heart with NO expectations.

When something needs to happen on a higher level for a bigger purpose God has things flow. Circumstances will occur that are way too coincidental or you’ll find yourself saying “ what are the chances of THAT happening”.

Open your heart!


If you cannot handle feeling pain you won’t be able to truly feel love or empathy. Allow yourself to go through the pain. It’s so healing and god will hold you!

With love and light



I’m getting to everyone’s questions and comments. Don’t worry I promise I’ll write you back. Just traveling!

You can also email me




Being a medical Intiitive or being a Messenger Is a gift to save lives, help people save themselves and sometimes I feel Like I lost because the message was ignored.

Maggie and I were such close friends. We lived by each other for years, I even encouraged her to become a Dr! Then as life has it we moved to different states. Stayed in touch here and there. She always wanted me to come work with her in her integrative medical practice. We were close friends and just had this beautiful connection tied to health.

Every blue moon we would touch base and catch up as we were both super busy.

One day out of the blue I got a strong “worry” about her. It wouldn’t leave me so I text her

“Hey Maggie, you’ve been weighing heaving on my mind. You ok? What’s up?”

She text back that she was having an extremely stressful time.

So I called her. I felt her energy.

She was consumed with helping her Dad who was in the hospital. Mad at them because they were not listening to her. My messenger voice kicked in and told her she HAD to stop stressing and we had a spat about it. She was determined and wanted to hear non calming and slowing down.

So I caught her up on my moving back to Fl that week. Our goal was I was finally going to come work with her.

3 days later we talked for over an hour while she drove with her hubby to her Moms from Sarasota to Kissimmee. Was on her way from her office to her parents arriving around 11pm. We talked the whole way. I did bug her again about calming down but she would have none of it.

The last words she said was I Love you too! I’m so thankful!

The nagging I get when something’s wrong wouldn’t go away. I text her in the am. I heard nothing. I text again and then started calling. Finally I called her husband Billy and he told me Maggie was in the hospital. She woke up and as she was getting wound up and ready to go to the hospital she had a bleed at the base of her brain from high blood pressure and stress. He said she was over stressed and wouldn’t stop or slow down.

She was 60.

I immediately went to hospital and saw my beautiful intelligent friend on life support. I touched her and knew she was already at the gates but everyone hoped she would wake up. I knew differently.

After 5 days they finally let her body go.

If only those would realize the messages don’t come from me. They are from above and for them as a warning to act fast. Make a change. It’s a message.

I’m ONLY the messenger.

My heart breaks but Maggie has come to me. She said she too was shocked to be on the other side but was going to continue her work from up there. Talked about her granddaughter she missed seeing born. That she was ok tho.

I’ll forever miss having her here and wish she “heeded” the warning. The course could have been changed!

Love you Mags!


With Love and Light




I believe finding out what your Ultimate Purpose may be one of the most fulfilling assignments you have on this earth. It gives you Clarity!

Helping people get better and better has been my life even as a little girl. Cleaning theirlense as I use to call it so they can see clearly and shine.  We all have an ultimate purpose in life. Have you ever thought about what yours is? I knew my life was more than being a wife and a Mom, but I had no idea what it was so I did what I always do and that is pray about it. Whenever I needed an answer to a big question I always look for higher guidance not asking anyone here on earth.
I prayed every night for about 3 months. During my nightly talks with God, I would ask to be told whatever my ultimate purpose is and not to miss it, misinterpret it or misconstrue it. I had to learn to keep my ego out of it, and get out of my own way.  To surrender to whatever it was. There was no way I was going to live my whole life and not fulfill my ultimate purpose!If your interested in finding out what yours is, then these are the steps I took. 
I. Pray every night and open your heart more and more and have no expectations 
2. Get vulnerable in your asking 
3. God knows your heart so be honest and clear
4. Be prepared to look for signs and pray to not miss them or misinterpret them. 
5. Keep the Faith! It takes time.
I didn’t care if it was to walk a certain person across a street, open a business, say something to someone, or even as simple as moving something….. What ever it was I wanted to complete it while here. 

Here is what happened after 3 months of prayer
My story of finding to my Ultimate Purpose is! 
I was on a trip to learn about a new health product and listen to the studies from Drs from all around the world. Got the last seat on the flight, then instead of having to take a taxi I was asked if I wanted a ride to the hotel in a limo with the Drs. After checking in to my crappy cheap hotel I received a call from the peabody hotel and they told me someone checked out and I could have their room for the same price.What are the chances???? Turned out to be a beautiful, giant room with 2 kind size beds.   This is when you know to watch for signs or what I also call tells! The universe was aligning and flowing. 

There I was waiting for my friend to show up and the event was starting. This was a big event. Over 4000 people and Im just chatting away with a guy and random people were coming up to take their photo with him. Again and again. I had no idea who he was so I asked him what’s up with you and the photos??? He said, :You don’t know who I am?” Me, “nope.” He then decided since I didn’t know he would not tell me. Turned out he was the Inventor of the product. Another “tell”. I always say what are the chances… This is how my weekend. started. I knew something special was happening. I tuned in and starting paying attention to all the details.
Lorraine showed up and we listened to the talks and went to our big fancy hotel room. She hopped in her bed and announced she was sleeping in and I shouldn’t wake her if I get up early.
Morning came… was about 6 am and I lay there thinking now what am I going to do. I thought Id get dressed and go work out then I realized I had big tears rolling down my face. Like big warm crocodile tears!! I knew I was crying but I wasn’t sad. I couldn’t identify the feeling.Then I had an entire telepathic conversation that went like this-You’ve been asking what your Ultimate Purpose in Life is and its that your a messenger! Then I knew there was more to the conversation but it was on a different level that I cannot remember. Suddenly I realized why I was crying! It was my Grandfather whom I was very much alike and was extremely close to. He had been gone for over 16 years at the time. I was crying because It was a recognition of souls. Beautiful tears of joy! I asked if I could have a hug and braced myself because he was a big guy. I thought it would feel heavy but it didn’t. It felt like an absorption of energy, like when you see that static energy on tv but passing through my body. Was a warm beautiful feeling. I then asked if I could see him and closed my eyes. When I opened them, I fully expected to see my Grandfather but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. The room lighting and ceiling looked so plain and still and bright. It was over. In an instant my life had changed forever! My prayer was answered, A calm peace came over me that shifted my life in an instant. The thoughts I had as a little girl, and the messages I received finally made sense. I had been fulfilling my purpose all along but on a small scale.
After that trip I started having more situations show up where I would see someone or walk past them and instantly knew what was going on with them. It started as health issues and something made my mouth just blurt out the words. At first the person would say something to the effect of, “ How did you know that or, I was just told that by my Dr, OR I was just diagnosed with that…” It was part of my schooling you could say to trust what messages I received. This went on for a few years. My biggest most scariest moments were when my son almost died, or my mother in law wouldn’t listen to me and I begged her and begged her but she insisted on listening to her Dr and she ended up passing away within a few months. Or a total stranger was diagnosed with MS and I told her she didn’t have MS and that it was metal toxins. I asked her if she took something for yeast like diflucan? I was scared that I was way out of line going against her Dr but I KNEW…..I was a total stranger telling her she didn’t have This disease she was just diagnosed with after medical testing. Hard to explain how I knew but the words just flew out of my mouth. She said Yes, she took exactly diflucan. I asked for how long and she said a month. I told her that it depleted so much natural yeast that It allowed the heavy metals th cause her the MS symptoms. (How the heck and I suppose to know that?) Turns out now she is fine. No MS. Heavy metal detox and allowing her body to balance back out. Ill share all of these stories and more! The meaning of this is to show you that its important to find out what your ultimate purpose is while you’re here on this earth. When you know then the world opens up to possibilities and fulfillment. You have a direction! I believe in a higher power, I call mine God. That is who I go to when I want to be in the “Know”.
After time he just throws what I call knowings at me. I don’t even have to ask.
I encourage you to reach out. Its really important to me that you give me feedback. Ask Questions and lets help each other!



11 weeks out!

I Want to keep updating you on what happens after explanting the toxic breast implants. Noticed I wrote “the” instead of mine?? I think this is my way of UNCLAIMING them as “mine.” Detaching!

Well I still feel over 90% better. I look in the mirror and am thrilled when I see how much better My skin and eyes look. Younger and healthier. I was worried before when I’d look in the mirror, especially at my eyes. They didn’t look vibrant sparkly and white.

After all I am an intuitive specializing in health and I could “see” on myself that I was in trouble and my body was toxic.

My hair is not falling out anymore but it is a little dry still. I’m sure the blow drying and flat ironing doesn’t help as well and it’s only been 11 weeks. Lol.

It can take a year for a full recovery.

My skin has not been so pretty and acne free in years. Even the skin tone is brighter, smoother, naturally moisturized and I have pink in my cheeks again.

Eyesight clear where before it wasn’t, brain fog gone, body feels calm, no heart palpitations, weird aches and pains gone, I have almost too much energy! It’s 4:50 am and I’ve already done a podcast, read my first chapter into for my book and now blogging!

My libido….. wait I have a libido! Now THAT is very exciting!

I’ve lost weight without trying and my boobs are shaping and fluffing, as everyone says. The fluff fairy is real!

Now for the part I’m not thrilled to write about but here goes.

Emotionally it flipped me out! I did not see that coming! I went from feeling voluptuous and sexy to insecure, emotional and hormonal.

A surgery like I had was invasive in many ways. First anesthesia always effected me. I don’t detox properly genetically (MTHFR).

Then I had my entire upper chest opened prodded and manipulated. My implants were yanked out ( well maybe skillfully removed sounds better) and there were actually scraped off my ribs, my muscles were pulled back down and sewn back together where for 13 years they had been cut and left unattached and shrunk up. I was sore and flat and had UGLY deflated boobs. Yes, they were SO unattractive looking and feeling at first. And my entire chest was numb!

It hit me hard the day I went bra shopping.My surgeon said to wear a bra day and night. My Incisions hurt, my boobs were too small and weird and didn’t even go in a bra. They were dented and empty, bras seemed useless and wearing one was painful but I promised I’d listen and wear one 24/7 for the best end results.

This was the first time I cried. Being in a store I sucked the tears back in as much as I could.i knew that I had to get patient tho and let my body heal and reform.

Trying to heal and be patient with my NOT attractive boobs was not easy! Without realizing it I gave myself lessons and reclaimed my own inner strength. I’m on a journey and needed to get a grip on myself! I am NOT my BOOBS!

Here I had this big surgery to feel better and save my health and ended up doing just that ALL while I ended up insecure and vulnerable not liking what I looked like. Ugh!

My brain was clearing up and my downloads of information was coming faster. Spiritually it’s been a big growth time for me. I know whenever I went through hard times it always opened more guidance gateways.

And this was no exception. My knowings are faster stronger and even clearer!

More on all of that later!

Now at 11 weeks my breasts are filling out and looking and feeling better. I’m still thinking fat transfer will be in my future but I can see normalcy and prettier boobs showing up.

Emotionally I’m on day 2 of not crying all day.

Everyone is different. Some women have more natural breast tissue and get a lift. They are thrilled from the start after explanting.

Others have a slow recovery. For one thing, choose a surgeon that has been explanting for a long time and has experience in the best end results as well as surgically removing the implants properly and repairing your body.

Love yourself.

And if your a husband or boyfriend that loves a woman going through Breast Implant Illness then my advice is to support her every step of the way. Through the ups and downs. Wrap your arms around your woman and tell her how much you admire her strength and her beauty. Hold on tight and understand emotionally this can be as tough on her as it is physically. She may not even say anything but I promise it is not easy.

We all have our own internal strength but let’s be honest. It makes a difference to have your man reminding you that you are NOT your implants and they make you feel desired, whole and sexy!

A friends wife had a tumor on her face. After removal and over 13 surgeries later she is left with discoloration and scarring. Her husband told me he has never loved her more. He is even more grateful that she is his wife. Sees her as more special and beautiful! Admires her for her strength. She wears her scars like a beautiful badge of honor now.

Most men don’t understand that they play a role in how their woman feels about herself.

Making her know and feel like she is the most beautiful woman and the only woman in your eyes will actually make her even more beautiful. She will love you even more for it!

I’m very grateful for who I have in my life. Men and women. My daughter saw me and was so excited. She said my figure is Soooo much more flattering AND natural small boobs are in! Even Crystal Hefner the former playboy bunny had hers out!

I cannot wait to interview these woman and more on my podcast!

Stay tuned because my podcast is coming!

I’ll even interview the spouses ….. even mine!

Love From Above!




It’s been like this for me ever since I can remember. I always called them knowings as a little girl.

Today I woke up needing to write about connection. No fear and about depth! This pandemic has changed every single person walking this planet in some way. It’s caused us all to dig deeper into why and who we are. Many of us have had severe pains and traumas. Lost loved ones or lived in fear of our own health’s or that of others we are dearly close to.

We’ve learned that love is most important. Quality time m, health and connections are key to our time while on this 🌍.

Today or tomorrow are not promised. Remember that. There is power in not being afraid to be vulnerable enough to open your heart and connect deeply with your true core! It’s where the sparkles are found. Not on the surface of your heart. You have to jump in. Mine for those diamonds. Dig deep!

You won’t fall! I’ll catch you!

The best is when your scared but your brave enough to do it anyway!


Life is here NOW!

It’s bright and glimmers with radiance and joy!


Love and Light

Robin ♥️


Every moment we have a choice. Do we roll out of bed early, sing a song, look at the positives or choose the negative. Do we complain about others or see the good in them? Do we go on a trip, call someone and tell them we love them or suffer when they are not here to say it anymore.

We have CHOICES in everything! Do we stay in dysfunction or leave it behind us. Do we choose being faithful or choose to be weak? Build your spirits muscle by choosing truth and integrity. Do we choose someone that pushes us out of our comfort zone into being a better person or stay with those that keep us sick? Do we choose dark over light or light over dark?

Do we listen to the signs as they come or do we rationalize, discard and ignore them?

We have one life! Choose to Dance, Choose to Love for Real, Choose to grow, Choose to listen to God even when you don’t want to! Choose the Light!

What do you choose?

Love and Light

Hug yourself! God loves you and so do I!

❤️ Robin


This is my new term I woke up with today.

I’ve learned this is a method of giving or even getting a message.

It’s when I quietly warn or bring something or subjects up again and again in a gentle way. It’s because they nag at me. God is nagging at me! and I have to say it a different way at times and I know I’m not suppose to demand it or shout it loud. The nag forces me to make sure it’s heard.

It’s the drip method. Nag nag nag is like drip drip drip! Until the cup gets filled enough. sometimes it even spills over if no one is paying attention.
The whisper shout is God shouting through nagging me. But I’m guessing he knows there is a block that needs to be carefully gently chipped away at before it can be heard.

If a message is TOO outrageous sounding the whisper shout is an opportunity for a gentler way for the message to slowly penetrate in.

The nagging can and does get hard on me and sometimes hard on the receiver but until God stops me I just do what I’m directed to. Then when God stops me, the nag simply goes away. Its power is gone and I can move on.

The beautiful part is when the receiver does finally get its fill and does something about it. ( the cup is full from the drips and just in time the receiver picks up the cup and the water gets turned off)

Example is my brother has always eaten horrible. I KNOW this has caused most of his health issues. So our whole adult life I’ve dripped or whisper shouted when the words fly out about adding healthy foods in.

He wanted nothing to do with it!

He just got out of the hospital with COVID. Bragged to me he had Mc Donalds as his reward for getting out of the hospital on his birthday! That was his birthday dinner choice! Kill me now! Covid effected his liver lungs and heart.

He sent me a photo of his white powdered donuts for dessert.

I gently dripped. Finally a few days ago he did what he usually does and teases me if I want to know what he’s eating. I said no thank you. Usually he sends me a photo of some Twinkie or junk food but this time he sent a picture of a big bowl of WATERMELON! I could have cried with joy for him! His liver and body require this to get the proper nutrients and living food strength to flush out the toxin load from COVID-19

He never eats fruit. He told me he’s going to continue but if I told anyone he would deny it. 😂

God also whisper shouts to me. They come in patterns and tells. I actually embrace this when I figure out the subject keeps coming up. Sometimes it takes me time to notice it. Especially when it’s me.

It can be saying a word at the same time as someone says it in the TV. It always repeats itself tho. Then I know to pay attention and really look at what’s going on openly and start praying about it.

If I don’t see it right away…. it will nag at me as well and show back up again and again. It won’t go away until I either take the action or understand what the message is.

I’m always learning. My whisper shouts are usually very important. I believe this is why God keeps whisper shouting it again and again like an annoying drip! 💧

Have a beautiful enlightened day!

With love and light



I was dating someone and madly in love. He was the most amazing man I ever met. A truly God given meeting of souls.

However talking about being stubborn and defiant 😳

It’s hard for me to see people being self destructive while I’m an energy girl and a messenger seer and intuitive.

I kept telling him he had blood sugar issues. Like a nag, the words came out again and again. Like I was annoying. Lol.

However he would act like a defiant 6 year old and order macaronis and cheese with double bacon. Or look right at me and order 2 pineapple juices and drink them down then slam down the glass after.

I kept saying over and over “ you have blood sugar issues”

He’d order soda or drink a giant gatorades. All Right in front of me.

This went on for months until one day he was in Malibu and I was In fFlorida and he expressed he was coming down with the flu and was headed to the Docs in the am for tamaflu, labs and a Meyers vitamin IV!

When I “know” …… I “know” and I move fast. Really fast.

I called my travel agent friend and booked a plane flight for that afternoon. Arrived around 11pm. Just in time to sleep but I made it for the appointment.

I “knew” he was in trouble. Big trouble. The next day we went to the Drs office. He sat there with his vitamin IV bag while I politely asked the nurse if she could check his blood sugar.

She kept saying NO. The Doctor didn’t order it, or all different excuses.

I tried for 2 HOURS I finally said “ is there a problem you can’t do a simple blood sugar test????! and finally someone brought a machine from another office and they checked it.

It was so high the first reading didn’t even work. Then as it was over 500 and they sent him straight to the hospital!

Interesting I used the word blood sugar instead of diabetes! My guides must not use labels????

The worst prat is when you’ve saved or helped someone but their defiance or stubbornness won’t let them hear another message. They get all self righteous and defiant.

My son did it and years after he split his spleen open and I “knew” they missed something! I even used the word spleen when I “had” to take him back to the hospital. It was his spleen!

He got himself in trouble in life after he got all defiant and he didn’t want to hear the message. He just recently apologized and told me he was being stubborn and should have listened!

It’s a message from above! Not me trying to put my will on people.

The sugar sweet man who is My love is doing its again!

Heartbreaking but he either will listen or not.

God shows me what needs to be revealed.

My Job is to keep my ego and my pains and human side out of it.

Sometimes i have to step away with love and surrender.

I’m so grateful for how God uses me and knowing my ultimate purpose! Keeps me strong.

With love and light!




My stories of medical messages and other knowings will be the focus of my blogs for a while as I finish my book.

I’ll also share my own personal journey back to health. Explanting my breasts, feeling deformed and unattractive, having detoxing and a hard surgery going on in my body. To having a transforming yet difficult fat transfer to regain my femininity back! The emotional and physical journey!

Id love to hear from you! On FB on the blog, private message me or email!

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